20 4 / 2012

(Latino Strappy Suntop in mint, Animal Floral Latino Suntop, Aztec Print Latino Suntop; Images from Topshop)

In addition to being 100% Viscose and machine washable, these flirty little tops are “Latino-style” according to Topshop’s e-commerce website. The “Latino Print Strappy Suntop” comes in mint and animal print, and are great for wearing on your stoop sucking a lollipop while the vatos try to holler. Or while eating empanadas?

(LATINO Leather Mix Platforms. Image from Topshop)

Also not to be neglected are Topshop’s “LATINO Leather Mix Platforms.” So ethnic, it needed to be in all caps.

Following in the steps of Urban Outfitters and the Navajo-Print controversy, Topshop’s Latino-style mechandise (especially that Aztec print top) is a standing testament that fast fashion labels are immune to cultural sensitivity. Until the PR bottom falls out, at least, and the product title is magically changed in the middle of the night. Let the countdown to face-saving begin!

Latino Strappy Suntop - Topshop

Animal Floral Latino Suntop - Topshop

Aztec Print Latino Suntop - Topshop

LATINO Leather Mix Platforms - Topshop


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